Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Comfort Food

Pizza is my comfort food. It always has been and likely always will be. Today was a rough day for many reasons for both MG and I so when MG got home from work, I ordered pizza from Dominos. I know I should probably save the money but it will last us a couple meals and sometimes you just have to give in a little.

Work is cutting hours so I have a couple short shifts and all of next Friday off. WAHOO! I was just complaining about how I never have a day off. It'd be great to get the extra hours (trust me!) but it would also be nice to actually have a full day of pure job applications, especially now that I have a newly updated resume. Most people see a day off as time to relax. I see it as free time to do other work. Story of my life. But truly necessary since I've been neglecting job applications for a little while now-but for good reason. If my homework isn't finished (and done well!), I can't graduate. If I don't graduate, I'm spending more money on school. If I spend more money on school, that means more loans. Ultimately, it would be a disaster.

Anyways, it's payday week. Tomorrow my allowance is renewed as well as all other funds. Too bad half my allowance is going to my emergency fund. Sadly necessary. But come Friday, my Express paycheck will be fairly decent-roughly $200. That puts $40 into savings, $68 towards my budget and a loan payment of $92! YAY! At least $12 of that loan payment is to pay off interest, which makes a $70-80 dent in the loan's principle. Slowly but surely, slowly but surely.

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