Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I purchased Ramen today. A six-pack even. We bought other groceries of course (everything on sale or with a coupon) but Ramen is a sign that we're REALLY saving as much as possible. If anyone has suggestions on how to spice up Ramen or make it more filling, PLEASE let me know!

I'm excited though because I just got next week's Express schedule and I have plenty of hours. I did the math for that pay period all ready and I'll have about 25 hours. This means I can complete my budget, put $36.50 in savings and make a loan payment of $84. YES! That means I can actually pay off all the interest and get rid of some of the actual balance. YES! I know this is over two weeks away but I'm already excited to make a dent with savings and loans! I just need to make sure that with all the hours I'm spending at Express I don't buy a THING!

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