Monday, April 19, 2010

It's too early!

MG and I accidentally watched a two hour episode of LOST last night-after we already watched one episode and acknowledged we should go to sleep but the suspense of another episode tempted us. Little did we know it would keep us up until 1:30am! Now yes, we are college kids and yes, this behavior should seem normal. But MG had to be at work by 7:30! Ooops! That means he dropped me off at work even earlier, not even 12 hours since I was working my other job. I'm on a streak of not having a day off-today is day 11. This is feasible but when I think of my next day off, it's not until graduation weekend...a little under 4 weeks from now!! Offta. Gotta love paychecks and loan payments!

On two positive notes, I forgot to mention two great things in my last post. 1-My uncle helped me tweak my resume with some great tips. Hopefully this bad boy will land me a gig somewhere with decent pay! Thanks uncle! 2-At work on Friday night, I was training for that promotion position and it turns out my boss was evaluating me. At the end of the night she gave me a nearly perfect score and said "I wish we could have more Katie's on the floor!" Now, this is not to brag or anything. The only point of this anecdote is that it might mean I could get the promotion-whenever they actually give one! I really like running the fitting rooms and making a few more dollars an hour would be fantastic in terms of loan payments. **fingers crossed**

Speaking of this job, the temptation to buy all their clothes is getting worse. I know a 45% discount is coming up soon, which immediately sparks in my head all the things I want to buy. Last night I racked up a list that would cost me $400 after the discount-I'm serious. I KNOW I don't need ANY of these things but for whatever reason it's really hard to tell myself no. I made an online shopping bag of everything I wanted and MG walked me through each item (there were 18!). I was able to remove 10 items for sure from the bag and I've already thought of a few more that I really could do without. He's helping me be more strict with my Express spending, especially the impulse buys in order to stick within my allowance and make sure it's a feasible purchase-ideally on something I actually have a need for (not a shirt that I have identical ones in my closet already in the exact same color-and yes, that does happen, I'll admit it.) The discount should be the 1st weekend in May so hopefully this preparation has prepared me for a much more logical purchase. Thanks MG!

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