Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bye bye blackberry

When my family switched to Verizon, they had a buy one blackberry, get one free deal. Of course my mom and I jumped at that chance and I have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of receiving e-mails to my phone, checking facebook and twitter, and of course playing brick breaker. Through a few mishaps (not always my fault) my phone has needed to be replaced a couple times now and my insurance won't claim me anymore. So when the microphone crapped out on me for over a week without me doing anything, I had to call it quits. Since I'm clearly strapped for cash, I opted for the most basic phone and let me tell you, it's bringing me back to my 14-year-old days of my first cell phone. Ok, it's a little nicer than that but the emphasis is on BASIC! That means my data package is gone, saving the phone bill $30/month. When I start paying for my portion of the family's bill, that will be a huge help, although I do longingly look at my phone hoping a facebook application would appear but nope. I'll admit, it is kind of nice being connected only when I want to be and of course the best part is I can actually talk on my own phone again and people can actually hear me. It was a whoppin $50 that will come out of savings but I have some important news that makes this a very necessary purchase...

I have a phone interview today. There's a social media job for a start-up website in North Carolina that has my name written all over it. Trust me, I've lost precious homework time daydreaming about this job and preparing for the phone call today. But I couldn't be more prepared and I'm so excited to at least have some interview practice. What a dream job it would be to get paid to use social media all day! And yes, it would mean moving to North Carolina! And soon! Wish me luck!!

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  1. Good thing FLUX is over and done with, having your Blackberry during that time was certainly beneficial for ya. I have faith you'll survive your Crackberry withdrawals :)

    And GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!