Sunday, April 25, 2010

This blog is really paying off

I'm pretty surprised at how many people are reading this blog but I really appreciate it because it's paying off financially! I had a crappy day on Saturday and I wanted to do some retail therapy after work. I tried on a few (really cute) things but luckily for me, J was working the dressing room and confirmed that the items were cute. THEN she tells me to give her all of the items because I don't need to buy any of it because she's been reading my blog!! Ha! I have a conscious everywhere I go now reminding me not to spend! And she was right, I didn't need any of it.

MG and I grocery shopped on Friday and mad did we stock up. I made a list, prepared the coupons and two hours later our cabinets are full and bank accounts are smaller. MG used his graduation present of the grocery gift card from my folks and I had about $90 allocated for groceries. Let me tell you, both of those are gone now :( But while we were in line and I handed the cashier my big stack of coupons, the guy behind me asked, "where'd you get those!? That's a lot of money to save!" And we racked up a gas reward of $.30 off gas/gallon. It's kind of scary because if I ever overspent my allowance, I would take money from my food budget but now that it's all spent, it's not an option. Yikes.

This weekend I was pretty good about not spending money though. I did buy beer for the weekend-MG had lots of friends coming to town for Spring Jam-but I got the cheap kind of course. I had to buy lunch at work yesterday and Mesa pizza on the way home from the bars last night but I didn't spend a dime on drinks Fri. or Sat. night. Overall, I have $15 in tact for the next week and a half. This is possible but will take work.

I will end this on a bright note though. I updated my budget this afternoon and started to freak out a little bit about having the bare minimum in my account. Then genius MG pointed out that from now on, my rent is taken care of so that frees up a huge portion of my paychecks! HUGE! $187.5 will not be put aside each paycheck for rent and can now go towards savings and loan payments. I am still trying to figure out how to best spend that money but it's exciting to see the savings starting to grow already!

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