Monday, April 19, 2010

Confessions of a Spendaholic

I have a very big confession to make and trust me, it's not an easy one. I'm hoping you appreciate my honesty instead of judge but to each is own. I dipped into my emergency fund.

It wasn't exactly an emergency, it could have been avoided and according to Dave Ramsey, I should have budgeted for this. That's why this is a confession and I'm not proud. My credit card bill is due in a week or two and even if I put all of my allowance towards the bill, it wouldn't pay it off. I can't afford to have bad credit so I had to fall back on an old habit and use my emergency fund to cover it.

I will be taking from my allowance each paycheck to put that money back but it will take a while.

It wasn't even because I shopped too much this time. It was my parking ticket, MG's grad present, and little things that added up to much more than I expected. This will make any bigger purchases much harder to make because my allowance will be going towards this as well. I should have been smarter because I'm on my last set of contacts and CUSA is coming up as well as my extra discount at Express. Also, there's a tiff with the roomies about when to pay the utilities. They're always paid on time but one roomie was collecting our money after she paid it so eventually we'll have to pay twice to be caught up. Others were uncomfortable about that so now we have to payments right in a row. I don't normally care when I pay things as long as it gets paid on time, but I just made a payment so my budget won't allow for another one so quickly-just because they're bigger payments from the winter weather. Come summer, it'd be easier to catch up. Crap.

I'll make it all work somehow of course, it's just a sucky situation to always be so low on money even when I work every single day. It's not sustainable.

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  1. It's very good to have your credit card paid off! I'm proud of you actually!! =) Instead of putting money in savings this last paycheck, I went shopping! So there's my confession! Lol.