Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Challenge averted

I always start out so well but once I start spending, it's hard to stop. Especially with this crazy week of school (3 papers due tomorrow, 1 due Friday, a soundslide project Tues, and 2 papers in 1 week from Thurs) I've spent money on coffee in between classes and I ate fast food twice. UGH. It's coming out of my food money (it is food after all) but still, it's supposed to be for groceries. When life gets busy, sometimes you just need a little break so I gave it to myself. My goal is to get back on track today though, I shouldn't need to spend a dime. I have breakfast here at work and more delicious Pad Thai for lunch and we have a pork roast defrosting as we speak for dinner.

But with all this school stress, I haven't had a minute to be job hunting. That's going to hurt if I put it til the last second because I don't want to put my godmother in a bind if i find a job right before I'm set to go nanny. Overall, life is STRESSFUL! Groupon even has a great deal on a massage and I can't even buy it because I have $3 left to spend for 1 week.

This may sound strange but I'm actually excited to find out my work schedule today. I'm usually always curious but lately I've gotten more hours, which means bigger paychecks, which means bigger loan payments! Hopefully it's good :)

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