Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stuck inside

I hope all of you have enjoyed this fantastic weather all weekend (if you live in MN of course!) because I sure haven't been able to. I have been really good about working on homework and working. Oh well, graduating and working are both pretty crucial to my life and the outdoors will have to wait til this summer I guess.

I had a really nice lunch/dinner with my mom Friday afternoon before work. We ate at Noodles, which I miss terribly. It's right across from my work but I refuse to have it for lunch because I can make my lunch for a lot cheaper. Bummer though because it's delicious! Anyways, she gave me mine and MG's grad presents while we ate, which were gas and grocery gift cards. I know right, college grads plan backpacking trips through Europe but all we really need is gas and groceries. Sad and boring but very true and we really appreciate the extra help! Thanks mom! Afterward she took me to Express so I could show her the graduation dress I plan to buy and she ended up buying me a few tops which was nice of her! Thanks again Mom!

I worked Friday and Saturday night and I'm getting ready for work again after this post. Normally on a Saturday closers don't get out until well after midnight and if you're closing you know they won't cut your shift early. So last night I expected to get some extra hours but while I was on my break my manager told me I got to leave at 9! WOAH! Caught me totally off guard. She was going to cut a different co-worker but she's pregnant and asked if she could stay. Fair enough. While the money would have been nice, it was nice to have a night to relax! MG and I had a mini marathon of LOST and I got a ton of sleep! Such a needed night after this past week and all the homework due this week! So my loan payment won't be $100 like I had hoped but it'll still be decent so I can't complain to much. Sometimes you have to trade money for relaxation to gain sanity.

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