Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a weekend

Wow, finally home after such an unexpected trip. The gas gift cards have all been cashed and it's so nice to not have take-out for dinner tonight! Brandon is out of the ICU much earlier than expected and his infection should be cleared up soon so he can stay on his chemo schedule. His sister successfully made it to prom and both parents were able to get out of the hospital and go to the pictures.

On the way home I had to swing by Express to get some work clothes since today is the 45% off day. I got 3 pants, a skirt, pair of dress shorts and two tops for $180. Not bad considering. Once I knew I had to get some work clothes I looked online and actually expected to spend $180 so that's good. They also are speaking with the Charlotte location so I can transfer down there. If they have room for me, I can get the apartment I'm looking at. There were some I could afford without the extra income but the reviews were SHOCKING! One said, "It reminds me of Tijuana" and another said I run the risk of getting shot or my car broken into and they have a gang problem! YIKES! I don't know about you but I don't know gang symbols nor do I want to learn. So once I looked into some places that were a little more expensive the reviews drastically changed to much more positive comments. I should hear back from them on availability tomorrow. Regardless, the extra income would be great for savings and loans, especially if we can't find a renter my room this summer and MG still can't find a job.

In the mean time, I am focusing on getting some homework done (graduation depends on it of course!) and starting to box up stuff to take to: Plato's closet, Half-Price-Books or Good Will. I definitely have plenty I can get rid of and now is the perfect time. These next few weeks are going to be probably the busiest I've ever had, but there will be lots of fun since I have to plan outings with friends before I leave of course! Wish me luck!!

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