Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Wednesday and also Happy Birthday to my favorite Uncle :) Life has been slightly busy these past couple days. Another Thursday with 2 papers (that I need a B to graduate!) and 2 presentations due. UGH! But today is payday so that's always a plus. It's strange because I normally have every dime of my paychecks allocated for something. This time, nope. There's lots of extra money just sitting waiting to find out how it will be used. If I move to NC with this job, obviously rent and moving expenses for the new place. If I don't, I only need to pay $80 for rent so I can for sure make a big loan payment. I just wish my life wasn't in limbo!

It's also been crazy trying to find a place to live down there. I found the place of my dreams with great/safe reviews so of course it's more expensive. It's also more expensive if I want a 3 or 6 month lease, which I will need just incase the website launch doesn't go well. I did get transferred for sure to the Express down in Charlotte so that will obviously help with the income.

AND my health insurance dropped me early. UGH! They knew I graduate in May so they dropped me May 1st. Really insurance? No college student graduates May 1st or earlier. Thanks a lot. Anyways, now I'm looking into new plans of course and yikes. It's a whole new world of drama and decisions and I swear, it's just too much to take in. I would just like it to be a month from now where all decisions have been made and I'm starting to get settled into the life that I will have for the summer. I hate all of these variables that if one changes, it throws off every other variable.

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  1. No fun, but the cool thing is that you know everything will work out just fine =) cuz it always does. Life is crazy but that makes it beautiful. Without sadness, we would never know happiness, and without a sometimes hecktic life, we would never be able to enjoy it when it's going just how we want it! =)