Monday, May 3, 2010

A few more things from the weekend

MG had to go to work even earlier this morning, which means so do I. I'm thankful for the extra hours and surprisingly I woke up 10 min. before the alarm and was too awake to go back to sleep (SO unlike me!). That must be a sign of a good day ahead!

Anyways, after Express yesterday I stopped by the folks house to visit my mom and pick up some storage bins for my room project. She even took me to the grocery store to get some dinner since MG and I were both swamped with getting back in the swing of things and didn't have time to think about planning a meal. We had a delicious rotisserie chicken with baguette (only $.99! Who knew!) and I have left overs to go into a salad for lunch! THANKS MOM! She also gave us $20 for spending money this week since our gas money was gone. THANKS AGAIN!

I've been thinking about my budget now that things are in limbo. I'll have $100 for allowance, money for utilities and groceries and the rest is going to be saved for my new rent and moving expenses. If this job happens to fall through, it can't hurt to have some money saved up. That means this loan is on hold until I know my situation and can comfortably give that money up for good. If it turns out I have more than expected, wonderful, I'll make a payment but until then better safe than sorry.

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