Friday, May 21, 2010

Where to start?

Well these last few days have been rather hectic with the wake, funeral and burial all on separate days. It's been nice to have so many people around and the Willems family will get through this well.

It's been a week of no expenses which definitely helps since I have no income from the past two weeks (besides that 2.5 hours I put in last week!). I started looking into plans to move to NC and there are some expenses that will put quite the dent in my account. I am coming back for CUSA-I couldn't be happier since it would be nice to spend more time with the Willems family after all they've been through. My parents are splitting the ticket with me for my birthday, which is really nice of them! That leaves me with a $191 ticket. Then MG and I are road tripping down to NC to drop off my car and get me settled and then he's flying back. I bought his ticket last night so there's another $205. We'll also need a hotel for the trip. He's offering to pay for gas on the way down I guess since I'm buying his flight back (I couldn't drive down there without his help so of course I'd buy it).

We also haven't found a subleaser for this room! I just paid June rent on it and luckily/thankfully, my parents are still giving the $200/month to help cover it. But that's still another $160 plus utilities. I've had quite a few people express interest but no one sets up a time to come see it. BUMMER! I've even offered to negotiate a price with people and still nothing. I really hope we find someone soon because that is one cost I really don't need right now. If you know of anyone looking for a really inexpensive room in Minneapolis this summer, please let me know! Otherwise please cross your fingers for me!

I also have to pay off my Express card of roommates now have me on video tape swearing that I won't spend any more money at the MOA Express so I suppose I have to stick to that-I don't have much of a choice.

So after all those expenses, I'm left with $937.46. I will be putting in almost 40 hours for the next two weeks at my school job so there's another $720 that will eventually help. I'm just doing my best to save all of this money until I find a place to live in NC. There will be apartment fees and deposits plus who knows how much rent will be. Yikes. I don't think I'll be moving much down there until I know how secure the job is so until then I will buy myself a futon and get by with what I can.

When I strike it rich one day, it turns out I need a new computer too since the battery cord got tripped over and ripped out and doesn't like to charge my computer very well anymore. When the battery doesn't register, my computer likes to randomly shut down at any given moment-not exactly ideal. In order to get the battery to register, the cord has to be in just the right position (usually draped over the screen!) I want to buy a mac since they have a lot of great software for graphic design and journalism use but those are much more expensive. In the mean time I can dream.

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  1. Hey, if it's just the charging port that's having a hard time and you find an IT guy that is good with computer parts, they should just be able to replace the part that the cord plugs into. The same thing happened to me and they guy at my work just unscrewed it, popped out the broken part and popped a new one into it. And i was thinking my computer was done for.