Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 Things I Love

My co-worker and fellow blogger Chubby Chick (she's not chubby!) tagged me in her blog post about 10 things she loves. Now it's my turn to pass it on. Here's the low down:

1. MG-more and more every day

2. My family- I love laughing 'til I cry with them and I'm glad my sister and I are getting closer, I wish she lived closer though!

3. My BFF and all my close friends- they're not easy to find but thank goodness for them! Thank you for putting up with me!

4. MG's family-they're becoming more like my own and they're an excellent role model for anyone.

5. Pizza-the most comforting food I've ever known. I can and will eat it for days on end and be quite content.

6. Traveling-ideally with one other person but I can venture on my own when need be.

7. Reading-so glad I have more time for it now that I've graduated. I'm always up for suggestions!

8. Working- I love to contribute to society, especially when it's something I'm passionate about. I can't say I'm ultra passionate about accounting or retail but I do get joy out of working hard and being able to provide for myself. When it comes to journalism though, that's the work I love most. I've never been paid for that work, at least not yet, but it's when I'm at my best.

9. Pictures-Scrapbooks, picture frames, you name it. I love to look back on old memories and wish I were a better photographer.

10. Music-I find such comfort in lyrics and rhythm, especially when I find some that fit exactly how I feel. When I find that perfect song, I will listen to it on repeat for hours.

I'm supposed to forward this to 10 people but this will do for now:

Even if I didn't tag you, it's a great activity to do. It definitely has calmed a not so excellent day and made me appreciate a few more things so give it a try :)


  1. I'm excited! Will be working on this today =) thanks for the tag. Love you!!

  2. Haha pizza! Mesa was delicious! Thank you :)

    Isn't that funny how the job you love the most pays (or doesn't pay) the worst?! Yay us :P