Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Farewell MOA Express and other things

I worked my last shift at Express last night (in MN at least). I will definitely miss that place! I only worked half of my shift since my foot gets too sore for a full closing shift but we did get time-and-a-half, which is always a great bonus (thanks troops!). My adventures at the Charlotte Express won't begin until after CUSA so my foot will be totally healed and I won't have to request any time off for a while but once I start, I plan to go gang busters earning lots of money (and avoiding spending it on clothes at all costs!).

Now it's confession time: With some major Memorial Day sales, I did spend some of my graduation money on clothes. Since the majority of that nearly $500 (thanks everyone!) will be put to smart use (loans, rent, savings etc.), I figured I deserved to spend just a little on something fun. On the bright side, I did get rid of 3 big bins/bags of my closet to Good Will (or MG's sister lol). I did a great job of being brutal with my clothes and getting rid of them if I haven't worn it in the last year or maybe even at all (yes, really). MG's sister took a big pile of them and I got $10 out of the deal. I also got rid of most of my books since I got the Nook. My friend wanted to buy a few from me so I made another $15. I'm trying to turn an old habit around so I will try to be more frugal and practical with my purchasing habits. That is my new resolution for my new move-who says resolutions only have to be made in January?

Now it's time for some great news! I found a subleaser!! I got a message Thursday night explaining that this guy was in a bind and needed to move in on Saturday. Considering my room was no where near ready, I got my butt in gear and got all of my stuff moved to the living room (sorry roommates!) asap. There's no way I could pass up the chance to get my room rented out so it was totally worth all that hard work with no air conditioning. He seems like a good guy for the house so I'm SO SO SO thankful that it came through and it relieved me of such a financial burden! He even gave me a refund on June rent already.

Everything is kind of on hold budget wise until I know what my rent will be like but I've been doing a good job of holding on to it. Here's a sign that I'm getting a little smarter with my money: Old me would see all this money lying around and no immediate use for it so I would spend it some how. New me doesn't want to. I love little milestones like this!

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