Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Morning Charlotte!

I'm rather surprised at how well I'm doing on getting up for work on time, even leaving room to actually shower in the morning and looking presentable. Gone are the days that I value sleep more than looks and I roll out of bed and am out the door in 10 min. tops. There is one consequence to getting up before 7am everyday, however. Coffee-and lots of it. I've made a terrible habit of stopping for coffee before work. Today I even got an extra shot of espresso. Who do I think I am? A wealthy person? I guess so, but it's pretty obvious I'm not. I'm going to really have to start bringing my own coffee...I just wish it was easier for me to make a delicious iced white mocha. If you have any tips/recipes, feel free to share them here!

I've also been rather lately on getting some groceries so I've spent far too much on food. My boss is introducing me to a few journalism people my age tonight but I swear I will make time to grab a few things. I can't keep up my habits! I'll admit it is fun to try all the new food places around here but I have to keep in mind that I'm still a poor college kid, just without the homework now. I think it will also help when I know what my rent and monthly expenses will be.

Speaking of, I'm still on the hunt for apartments. I think I'll be running around town this weekend to explore a few places and hopefully find one I like. I can move in at the start of July and be good to go. Definitely excited but kind of nervous! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!! I have found that i really like just regular coffee with a little creamer or milk and sweetener in it. Yum! Oh, and you don't know how much your rent is yet??

  2. I do like it that way too, it's just really warm here so it'd be nice to have a good iced version. Not a big deal.

    As far as rent goes, I don't know which apartment I'll be living in yet since I haven't had time to tour any yet. Once I select where I'll be moving, then I'll know what my rent and utilities are and can form a budget. Make sense?

  3. You can totally buy flavor shots at the grocery stores to put in your coffee. Also, I think they sell plastic cups with straws made to look like the kind Starbucks would give you for an iced mocha, which would be more convenient than putting it in a tumbler.