Thursday, June 3, 2010

Money in and money out-like always

I've collected all these checks I have to deposit over the past few weeks from graduation, rent etc. which totaled $1100. Not too shabby. A big chunk of this, however, is going to credit card bills that have MG's flight back from NC, my trip home for CUSA etc. on it. I wish I could say I'll have most of this left over for savings etc. but the more I look at the numbers, the more it looks like it will just go towards paying stuff off. I do want to set a little bit aside for my parents' birthday presents and to make a donation for the bone marrow donor foundation. I became a donor but it costs their foundation $65 to send me a registration kit to get on the list. I want to make a donation so they can keep sending kits to others so fewer families have to go through what MG's family did. Anyways, this extra money will at least help me maintain what I have in savings for once I'm down in NC-roughly $1100 also.

I can't wait to get down there and start with a steady income and be able to officially set up a budget according to Dave Ramsey. I used to tailor his suggestions for while I was in college but now I can really dive in and get started with another emergency fund and the snowball effect! Also, I figured out my computer situation. Work will be providing me with a company-owned computer for work/personal use-how helpful! That will give me time to build up a savings fund to own my own one day. It worked out so nicely.

Anyways, for now we're low on groceries so I've had too much fast food lately but I've been so busy packing and working that it will just have to do for now. I'll get into a better routine starting Monday! Can't wait!

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  1. Good for you, bone marrow donor foundation, good way to spend your money