Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived

I made it! Wahoo! It was a rather long car ride but smooth sailings and great company :) We stopped near Perdue University in Indiana on Friday night at an Econolodge. Although it's unnecessary, I fully admit I'm a snob when it comes to hotels. I love the big cushy beds and the nice tv and furnishings, even when you spend no time in the room besides sleeping. MG convinced me it would be fine and he was right. No cushy bed (actually a rather old and dirty comforter) but it did it's job and only cost me 50 bucks. MG paid for gas the whole way since I paid for hotels and his plane ticket home. Not sure how much gas ended up costing but Mapquest estimated about $150 and my car gets 30 miles/gallon so not too shabby!

I love it here so far! Such a beautiful city and the people are really great! I'll have to get some groceries so I don't have to eat out everyday for most meals but it's kind of fun exploring all the new places to eat. I found a great deli for lunch today. I spent a little more than I wanted ($8) but I will eventually start coming up with a better meal plan. I am buying my breakfast and lunch for work tomorrow as well but I will try not to spend too much. Although staying at my boss' house is really a nice place and great setup for me, I am looking forward to getting my own groceries and cooking my own meals to save some money. That won't happen until after CUSA but I will try to be smart until then. If you happen to have any suggestions, feel free to offer any advice!

I'm so excited to start my big girl job tomorrow! It's not exactly a big girl salary but it is a full-time job and that's all that matters! I'm so thankful I was given this opportunity and I really hope it takes off running and becomes a much bigger venture! I'm proud that although I do have 3 years of student loan debt, it's gotten me to this point and is all paying off. Now I'll just have to start at Express to really get my feet off the ground financially. My first day is June 29th! Very exciting.

In the mean time, I have to add y'all to my vocabulary and figure out how to get my hair to cooperate in this humidity. Otherwise, no complaints and I couldn't be happier (well only if MG were able to stay down here with me!).

Oh and btw-I did re-subscribe to Netflix. I have my nights free and so much to catch up on since I used to be so busy with school. It turns out I can stream LOST instantly so MG and I will definitely be having skype dates while we watch together AND I'll finally get into The Golden Girls and Mad Men and I'll actually see Avatar for the first time. If you have any suggestions, shoot them my way. I got the 2-disc package for $13.99. I know this is definitely a WANT rather than a NEED but I'm considering it my early birthday present to myself. I deserve a reward for entering the real world in a city where I don't know anyone right?

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  1. LOVE netflix. We did not have cable for 2 years, and saved so much money just with Netflix. So much good stuff on instant stream. You should find the tv series Party Down its really funny. We really like the tv show Leverage too, and Weeds, so many!