Saturday, May 22, 2010

Across the boarder

Who knew that living five minutes over a boarder could be such an expense saver. My new job is VERY close to the boarder of South Carolina and I've heard a few people mention how much cheaper the cost of living is in the southern state. I decided to look into it and MAN! That really is a lot cheaper!

My Nana lived in Fort Mill, SC for the last leg of her life. If you would have known her you would know she wouldn't live in a sketchy part of town. I found a place with great reviews (all 36 of them!) and really nice pictures. The best part is, for the same amenities (even more actually-including car-care and clothes-care centers) and amount of space, it's WAY cheaper! This place I found is only $655 even for a 3 month lease (even cheaper if the lease is longer) and it's 1 bedroom, not just a studio.

I'm not making any commitments until I get down there of course but it looks like I just might be an South Carolina resident after all!

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