Monday, May 10, 2010

What a weekend

Man oh man-the past 48 hours have been slightly ridiculous and quite eventful. The weekend was going along just fine when I decided to miss a step while walking down the stair in my house and fell foot first on the landing. I ended up with a broken bone in my foot and a sprained ankle. OW! It's wrapped up, iced and elevated and I am quite sore from these crutches! I'm going to the orthopedist when the swelling goes down and at that time I will likely have a walking boot for a while. Great way to walk at graduation next week huh? LUCKILY my dad had JUST changed my insurance to cover me until my actual graduation date of May 16th! THANK GOD!!

Anyways, when I got home from urgent care yesterday morning, I thought "wow, a full week of just laying around since I can't work." It was such a strange feeling since I always have a full plate. I was about to take a little nap when MG came to my room saying we had to go to WI right away since his brother was being rushed into emergency surgery. Apparently bacteria was rotting away his intestin so a big portion of that had to be removed. If they would have waited any longer to do the surgery he wouldn't have made it. SCARY! LUCKILY he made it through just fine although quite drowsy and in pain. We will probably be here until tomorrow morning unless MG can push a final exam to Thursday. I have 3 papers due this week so I'll be occupied in the hospital's waiting room writing those.

This also means a week of no pay. BUMMER! That will be a really tight squeeze since I really do need the money. I have no word from this NC job if I have it yet or not since we're waiting on investors but if I don't find out soon, I'll have to pass since I can't just up and move across the country without giving my employers 2 weeks notice and making sure i have a subleaser for my room. It's rather frustrating being in limbo.

Until then, I'm just saving my money until I know what to do with it but I know two paychecks from now I'll be hurtin big time since I planned to work 30 hours this week at just my school job alone. UGH!

Please keep Brandon and his family in your prayers! I'll keep you posted.

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