Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dream...when you're feelin' blue

Dream when you're feelin' blue
Dream, that's the thing to do
Just watch the smoke rings rise in the air
You'll find you're share of memories there
So dream, when the day is through
Dream and they might come true
Things never are as bad as they seem
So dream, dream, dream

After Friday's loan payment of $46.75, I can't help but feel defeated. After paying off interest, that's only a $35 dent. I rarely get days off and when I do, I volunteer to work and yet I'm able to only make teeny tiny dents in my major loans and it's bumming me out. I know any progress is better than none but when I'm working really hard every day plus school, it's a lot for such a minor reward. I worked until 1am last night and have to go back today but next loan payment will be about the same. I just wish it were a little easier to see the benefit of working this hard.

Sorry for the short post but I have to finish homework and go to work-again. Hopefully I can find a positive attitude somewhere. In the meantime, I'm going to dream...

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