Monday, February 22, 2010

Good morning and happy Monday!

So this weekend wasn't the greatest financial weekend of my life but I'm just going to go with the idea that "I lived a little".

I'm in desperate need of some groceries because when I'm on the go or have work breaks, it's usually fast food since I don't have/haven't take then time to make meals. Oops. It's racked up and I'm disappointed about that but I'll do better this week. MG already made me some muffins for breakfast for the week so there's a start!

On top of the terrible eating habits, the BFF came to visit Saturday night and man did we have a good time! We went downtown to the Shout House to meet up with a roommate of mine who was having mother daughter weekend with her bff and their moms. Her mom taught Matt in high school and grew up with her bff. The thing about going on Saturday is it's the only night of the week with no drink specials and a cover charge. Bye bye money. Between two taxi rides, $8 cover charge and drinks at $5 a piece, whoops, there goes $50. And I can't forget to mention I wasn't the only one spending that much. MG and the BFF definitely spent more than that too!

It was a great evening and a rough morning BUT I managed to pick up a shift at Express on Sunday. I dragged my bum into the store and got a solid 6 hour shift in when I definitely could have stayed in bed. I was impressed. I have yet to pick up a shift for next weekend. I know I should but there's a lot of people coming to visit and my house will be a crazy party house. I believe my roomie has 7-8 guys coming to visit so after a late shift at work, I'm going to want to sleep, not come home to a super loud crazy house. BUT if I work, I make money and I occupy my time so I can't spend money. I'm still deciding.

Last (on purpose because maybe you won't read this far down) I broke my lent deal already. I have these yoga pants from Express and they're fantastic for the yoga I do (go figure!). It's hot yoga so they're better than shorts because that way I can hold the moves without my skin rubbing against itself and slipping from all the sweat. Also, when I'm doing yoga a 3-4 times a week with sweat dripping off my eye lashes, that adds up to be a lot of laundry for 1 pair of pants each week. As a result, I bought 2 more pairs. They were buy 1 get 1 half off so with my discount that's $29 and don't worry, they're different colors. I still plan on sticking with no more purchases until Easter but it just made sense on that one. I even had MG approve it-since he grew up Catholic ya know.

Maybe not working this weekend will keep me out of spending trouble after all...

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  1. BUT if you work this will make up for a few bad choices over the past few days ;)