Sunday, February 14, 2010


Man, this "being smart about money" thing is HARD! I bought a pair of shorts from Express two weeks ago and I tried them on recently and there's no way they're going to fit well for spring break. So I decided to exchange them for a few other things I had my eye on but it turns out I had my eye on more items than what I paid for the shorts. I was able to veto one item but that left me with two items I would have to pay for after the exchange. I had two cute tops, a different pair of shorts and a pair of Capri dress pants. After ending up in near tears deciding what to do, I DID IT! I got the two tops and ditched the bottoms and called it a day. I only had to pay a $3 difference, which is good enough. Both the bottoms were on clearance and fit well so they were excellent deals but I just couldn't keep spending more money at Express when I have no allowance left for over a week. Spring Break is in 1 month and I'm not going to buy any more clothes, shoes or accessories until after I get back.

However, it does feel GREAT that I made a big loan payment on Saturday! With my federal tax return, I was able to make a payment of $833.10! And when I went to make a payment, I had already accrued almost $2 since the last time I made a payment earlier this week! It's so exciting to see that number go down faster than it's going up.

At this point, I've caught up with my budget and am onto a more normal paycheck schedule. That means every two weeks I can make a loan payment and add to my savings-such a rewarding feeling.


  1. Yes, this "smart about money" thing is hard!

    It is absolutely worth the effort!

    Good progress on your part!!!!

  2. Thanks! It's getting easier every day but definitely a lot of work!