Monday, February 8, 2010

Bye bye hood of my car

Good morning and happy Monday...kinda. Matt took me to work this morning and with the snow and icy roads and very stupid inconsiderate city buses, he got in an accident. The bus was fine, don't worry. But the hood of my car is all bent up and looks like a hot mess. We're not sure of the total damages but there will be a pretty penny or two to pay for this. Bummer.

Otherwise, a great weekend. I got a lot of hours in at Express (even though it meant working til 1:30am on Sat.) I did end up spending $90 at Express but I got a lot of great deals again and I had $112 sitting around so I'll put the $22 towards my hair rather than the full $50. It's progress right? So here's what I bought with $90 at Express:

2 sweaters
a skirt
jean shorts

Not a bad deal considering at full price, most of those things are $50-60 each! Plus, I'm thinking of it as an investment. There's a potential promotion opportunity at Express and I'm training for it now. If I look fashionable at work (aka a good role model for other associates AND making the brand come to life for the customers) I'm more likely to get the promotion! I could use the extra $2.20 per hour if I'm going to be there already anyways! I was training on Sunday and LOVED it! It's just dealing with the customers more in the fitting rooms and making sure they have great outfits to buy! It's always fun to dress people up and spend other people's money so I might as well get paid for it! Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I spent some time with my parents on Sunday and my dad bought me a few nice things :) I got new windshield wipers, oil for my car, water and sports bras. Sounds dinky but it's all things I would normally buy and now I don't have to. Thanks dad!

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