Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jobs and Banks

So since May 16th is creeping up on me slowly but surely, I've been looking into jobs more and more seriously. I applied to three places yesterday and I've already received one rejection. Add that to the other rejections I've received prior to that and I've got a whole lot of nothing. Sounds pretty typical for all college grads but that's still not exactly comforting. Today, however, I found a backup.

The nanny position I had in New Jersey will be available again in August. Although it might seem like an easy fall back, it actually would make a lot of sense. Even if I upgraded to be the editor of the magazine I intern for, I'd make roughly $11,000/year. As a nanny, I'd early roughly $17,000 with no rent, utilities, food payments included for a year. Since it is just a 1-year contract, it would buy me some time to wait for the market to bounce back and if there are job interviews on the east coast, I could much more easily get to them. Additionally, if I do want to pursue magazines (or even a different field), I could take on a part-time unpaid internship in the city since the kids will be in school all day. Sounds like a great idea if nothing better shows up in the meantime. I would just have to make smarter decisions about my money this time around so I could put that money towards significant loan payments and put some money aside for the real world. I just need to figure out where my guy would fit in! :( Thoughts?

For the time being, I am pleased to announce that although I'm definitely still bad at math, I'm now on the other side of this weakness. Even after all expenses considered, my account has more money in it than I have budgeted. I've triple checked my accounts to make sure I wasn't missing anything but I'm up, which I can't complain about! My goal is to keep my credit card balance in check and keep the rest for future necessity. Wahoo!


  1. can he apply for jobs out there for when he graduates? =)

  2. Nannying would be a good idea as long as you do some part-time internship in your field like you said! Matt can always apply for jobs out there :)