Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm no Catholic but...

I'm not exactly a religious person but I know lent is right around the corner (this Wednesday to be exact-I just googled it). I was talking to MG about what I should attempt to give up this year and I thought maybe, just maybe shopping at Express. Regardless of what extra discounts I'm getting and what fantastic new spring items arrive or what steals I find on clearance, I can't buy a thing until Easter. That's extending my goal of Spring Break by almost a month and so far it seems impossible.

I know what you're thinking, I've made new purchases every weekend in the month of February so far and have spent over $200 at Express alone so I'm due for a good break but it's not that easy! I've never gone the whole time of lent without the intended item so I'm not making any promises but I really am going to do my best to resist all temptations. Lent has always been like a new years resolution for me but since this year I've kept this budgeting/smart money resolution so maybe I can stick to this too. What do you think? Can I really pull this off?

Now, Fat Tuesday is the time to binge on anything you're giving up for lent. I don't have that privilege since I practically binged the whole month of Feb so far. So lent for me started yesterday. Feb 14-April 4. 48 days! Close to 2 months! YIKES!

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