Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My first debt is paid off!

So I filed my taxes on Thursday and I already got my state return back today! WAHOO! It's much less than my federal, only $390 but hey, I'll take it! I took the amount I get for myself ($282) out already and here's how it broke down:

$70 to My Guy (MG from now on) from the whole Geek Squad disaster.
$100 for Spring Break Fund
$83.99 for this past weekend's Express purchases
$20 for my hair fund (I just need to cover tip and it's finished!)

Totaling $272.99, leaving me $9 to just hang out in my account. I am going to dinner with a classmate to discuss politics and maybe getting involved somehow on Wed. so I can use it there (of course, I can never just let it sit there for long!!). But 1 dinner is MUCH cheaper than a whole 'nother semester or two to get formally educated on my options.

On another note, tomorrow is payday so I get my allowance refilled. Sadly, $35 of that goes to my credit card because I had to buy a thing or two for the super bowl party Amanda and I had. Although I get an $8 rebate from the Sunday ads, it won't come for a while. Oh well, I just need to pay $10 more for hair so that'll free up an extra $10. I still have a gas gift card to last me through this paycheck at least so there's more money I won't need to take out of my allowance. My goal for the next allowance is to not have ANYTHING on my credit card so the allowance really is all mine for the whole two weeks.

Last but not least, Friday I get my Express paycheck of $216. After I refund myself for the Express purchase I made on the original 45%-off weekend, I'll have $82 dollars to add to my savings account. It's much more comforting having more than $1 in your savings! I've decided to put my emergency fund in my savings account as well so I can get interest on it. I will just have to consider the minimum balance to be $1,100 rather than just the $100. I feel more secure financially already :)

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