Friday, February 5, 2010

Hard work has paid off BIG TIME!!

First off, I have 6 followers! I expected my mom and maybe Jessie at most so this is very exciting! Thanks readers!

So, I have BIG NEWS!! BIG!! I did my taxes last night and HOLY COW!! I got $2282 back between federal and state! Paying for school and working two jobs has REALLY paid off big time! So here's the down low: The Total Money Makeover says I should have $1000 in emergency savings. They're right, I should. But with a loan that has a 12.75% interest rate, it makes me want to put more money towards that. It would make sense to put $1000 towards each (loan and the emergency fund) and then using the rest to put towards spring break, paying my guy back for my computer fix, and the rest into back up spending. BUT the idea of $1000 just sitting there when this interest rate is killing me and my future fund is at $.22 so I feel like there's smarter places to put it. Or maybe I don't need all $1000 there, even $500 would be a good emergency fund. What do you guys think?


  1. I dont think you need to keep all $1000 in your emergency fund, especially if you have other uses for it... even if you have $500 that would be plenty (if I knew I had $1000 in my emergency fund, I'd be more willing to spend all my money in my current account knowing that I have a huge backup! But thats just me :))

  2. Awesome Katie! I would be inclined to put away the $500 and put more toward the high interest rate loan.
    Now I am excited to do my taxes. : )

  3. Lol. The down low? or the low down? You crack me up. I would shoot for maybe 700-ish in the emergency fund...its very close to 1000 BUT if you ONLY do 500, that's only HALF of how much is recommended. =)