Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you kidding me?

We get our schedules for Express Sun-Sat usually that Tues/Wed before, short notice but whatevs. Anyways, the schedule still is blank for me online so I called the store and it says I'm not scheduled at all for the next week. WTF!? So I have this Sunday off, next Fri night off and all day Sat? Seriously? I needed that money! I know for a fact I didn't request off any of those days so I'm REAL annoyed. I know most people would be excited for all that time off but I'm trying to work hard here!


  1. Did you ask around to see if you could pick up some shifts? =)

  2. Yup I think I found 1 or 2 but they don't fit into my normal availability so it's not ideal but I need the money!