Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Underserved is different than undeserved.

That one little letter makes all the difference! I want to get more involved with all this free time I have. I want to make a difference as well as feel more connected to this massive city. NYC has a cool program called NYC Service with the motto "Everybody's got something to offer". I saw an ad for it while walking home from work one day and it's a pretty cool way to find volunteer opportunities for whatever skills you might have to offer. Based on my preferences, I found a site called New York Cares, which once I complete orientation they will set me up with helping with children education or coaching a sports team.

I was searching through different opportunities and I kept reading the word underserved but I accidentally read undeserved and thought "wow, these kids must really be awful if even a volunteering site is saying they are not deserving." It kept bothering me and I finally slowed down to realize they are UNDER SERVED. Duh! Don't worry y'all, I will not be participating in SAT prep for high school kids, clearly it's not up my alley. 

I don't have orientation until August 8 but I'm really excited for an inexpensive way to help others. If I can get a decent workout in, cook dinner and still have hours to spend not doing a whole lot, I need to find better things to spend my time on than watching random shows on Hulu.

My research will continue because New York is known for all of the cool opportunities here. I'm so excited and curious to see where this will take me.

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