Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cable is awesome!

I feel so much more connected to current events and pop culture after 24 hours of cable. It's also kept me sane in a very quiet hotel room. Tosh.0 is hilarious, my new goal for living in New York is to get on Cash Cab and Michele Bachmann is crazier than surprise since she's a Minnesota politician...I'm from Minnesota so I can say this. 

I ventured out to Wendy's last night and a guy pulled into the parking lot, rolled down his window and tried to talk to pick me up. I ignored him. He walked in and tried to talk to me again, I said "no thanks". Then as he was driving away and I was walking back to my room he was still asking if "I was sure". Yes sir, I'm good. Leave me alone creeper! Another old sketchy man kept asking me what sports I play. Normally this is fine but after the parking lot creeper I was paranoid. He asked if I played basketball. Nope. Do I play volleyball? No sir. Tennis? No (that's kind of a lie but I wasn't going to burst into a dialogue about the few times I've recently attempted to play). Finally he gave up and luckily he didn't follow me to the parking lot. I never feel unsafe in New York but in small town Hicks-ville? Totally. So now I stay inside and order in. Dominos is on its way as I type.

I tried working out in the hotel fitness room last night. One of the treadmills didn't work and the other one felt like it was going to fall apart with every step I took. I know I haven't worked out in a while and I've eaten like a fat kid lately but I knew I didn't weigh enough to be the cause of this weary treadmill. After 15 minutes I gave up, mostly out of exhaustion concern that I would break it and be charged for it.

The conference today gave me plenty of time to read. I'm reading The Soldier's Wife, it's really good. Go read it. Anyway, clearly work was suuuuuper exciting. My company has it's location in it's name yet someone today asked me where our company is located. Someone also tried to pitch me a book idea...not even close to my area of expertise work at all. My favorite was a woman who was not there for the conference approached me to tell me her niece is very talented at drawing medical pictures and maybe she could work for our company (we have medical books, among others so it wasn't completely off base). Sorry lady, we don't exactly draw the pictures in our books anymore...She even showed me a picture of her niece's work on her phone. Sorry, that is not going to change my answer, especially when her example was not even close to medical if that might be a factor. I know I've mentioned that people in New York are weird but it really is all across the nation.

Pizza's here! I hope you guys have some weird people or things in your day today! It's the spice of life apparently.

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