Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No spend challenge day 3

So far so good! Thanks to Miss F's motivation, I will easily (?) not have Dunkin Donuts all week. If so, she will mail me a gift card. What a good deal! Thank you ma'am!
Free coffee is good coffee!
I made do with the food I had (hello carbs...very nice to meet you) and managed to hang out on my own after the gym so I didn't spend any money. I found some cool volunteer opportunities and a book club to join and I found a show on Hulu that I caught up on. Has anyone heard of Unhitched? It was a decent way to pass the time but not as hilarious as they tried to make it. I probably should have been reading but oh well. Free internet is a wonderful source of entertainment.

After the gym tonight, I think dinner is going to be scrabbled eggs and steamed broccoli...things might start getting pretty weird in my kitchen by the end of the week but I'm determined to stick to it!

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