Friday, July 15, 2011

15 Things Friday

  1. I cut up my credit cards. I haven't used them in a while since they've been out of my wallet but I was cleaning my room last week and I realized I should just cut them up. It felt pretty good.
  2. My phone replacement didn't cost any money. By the time I get to work on Monday I will have my new phone (albeit the same kind of phone) and I hope it works much better. 
  3. My entire night consists of watching When Harry Met Sally. I'm not mad about it!
  4. Have you seen any of the new shows on USA? Necessary Roughness or Suits are both very enjoyable!
  5. The convention center I've been at this week had a separate convention for 31 Products. Their stuff is super cute but I'm poor so I won't be able to buy anything. 
  6. My mom started a similar personal consultant company with Jockey. There is a big old sale for the end of their spring line and my mom bought be a bunch of cute jackets, tops and accessories. Thanks mom! I tried to link you to the catalog of sale items but it's a pdf so if you're interested, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you. 
  7. I have not been to the gym once since July 1st. I hate that I nearly wasted this month's membership. I have to make the most of it once I get back to make it worth it. I will start Sunday morning with pilates. I'm pretty excited because Jennifer Anniston does pilates and who doesn't want to look like her? 
  8. My exhibit booth this week was right outside an Einstein Bro's Bagels. We had one at the U of M and they had awesome strawberry cream cheese. The past two days I asked for a bagel with strawberry cream cheese and I kept getting plain cream cheese. The line was really long and I didn't want to complain so I let it slide. Today however, they finally got it right. Score!
  9. As much as I complain about the city lately, I'm ready to go back. Actually I'm ready to go anywhere that I have friends. I've become a spinster whose only entertainment is food and tv. I always felt bad for the single women who had to stay home on Friday nights watching Say Yes To The Dress and now I will be one of them.
  10.  I want to switch banks. I'm sick of terrible ATM fees and since Wachovia switched to Wells Fargo, my accounts are in two different bank names. The bankers get very confused when I explain that I opened my savings account after Wachovia switched. Not my fault. Most of them seem to have bizarre fees these days though so I don't know what makes the most sense.
  11. I'm about to call Sallie Mae. They have lumped all my loans into one billing group so I can't make an isolated payment to one loan. When I typed into what I pay each month to each loan, it would not submit my information because it's not enough. Thanks Sallie Mae. 
  12. The "where are you from?" question is getting harder and harder. I flew to Ohio from New York, however I'm from Minnesota. "Oh, so you moved from MN to New York?" No, actually I moved to South Carolina and then I moved to New York. It's way too much explanation for what should be a one or two word answer, especially to strangers. However, when I used to say I'm from Minnesota, people would instantly want to talk about Brett Favre since it's the only thing they associated with that state. GROSS. But now they talk about our embarrassing politics and government situation...I kind of wish they would talk about Favre again...kind of. 
  13. Sister of my Heart is also a good book. I don't think I've ever read this much. When I was younger I had a challenge from my nana one summer that I would get $1 for every book I read, I wish that was still in effect. 
  14. As I've mentioned before, I want to move back down south. M might want to move with me and we've been talking about checking it out over Labor Day weekend. There's a Gamecock game that weekend and I really want to go. Tickets are already expensive though and I'm in the process of apartment and furniture hunting, which costs a million dollars. Fall is turning into a huge money suck and I really wish I was working more lately.
  15. Anatomists are hilarious. The anatomy conference I've been at has opened my eyes into the lives of anatomists and it was the best entertainment I had. One of them had a beard like the picture below and a married anatomist tried to take me on a "date" by offering to buy me a coffee from the free coffee cart...he thought he was hilarious. Best of all, today was casual Friday and most of them chose to wear Hawaiian shirts.
Imagine this mustache on a balding anatomist in a suit, not a baseball player.
Happy Friday!

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