Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fluffy pancakes are gross

Fun fact about me: I hate fluffy pancakes. Normal people would think this stack of pancakes are wonderfully delicious:
I on the other hand thinks those are WAY too thick and it's just a mouthful of starch. Growing up, my dad always made super thin pancakes by only adding water to the mix. I'm not sure how that strategy started but that is the only way I like my pancakes to this day.

A while back when I bought a few cheap staples for my cupboards (I think cupboards is a weird word...I digress), I accidentally picked up pancake mix that required all sorts of ingredients like eggs, oil and milk. I made them when I first moved in and they weren't terrible because I still made the batter pretty thin. Tonight, however, my brain could not process how to make the mix thin. If I add more oil they will just be oily and gross. I didn't know what would happen if I added more milk or another egg and I didn't want it to be terrible so I just stuck to the recipe. Bad idea.

Look how thick that is! 
I ate it because it's my dinner and I don't want to/can't spend money, not because I liked it. I have a whole plate of them because the smallest ratio of ingredients makes 5-7 pancakes. Why don't they understand that sometimes people are cooking alone? Makes me feel like a single loser...but only kind of, don't worry. Unfortunately the leftovers are going to waste because there is no way I'm reheating those. Fortunately for me I have enough ingredients to make another batch if I need to during this spending drought so hopefully they wont be as bad.

Lesson learned, check the box before you purchase pancake mix!

The night wasn't a total waste though. I got to spend an hour and a half reading under the trees with Adele and Amos.
Almost made me forget I live in a concrete jungle :)


  1. I make crispy or crunchy pancakes, better than the fluffy ones!

  2. I also hate fluffy pancakes! Growing up my dad would make us whole wheat pancakes that were never fluffy/cakey, they were more dense and thinner. My grandma would make it for him and his siblings when they were young and my dad would make the same recipe for us. It's from a cookbook called "Wheat is for man". It's under the title "light waffles" but my dad used the batter for pancakes as well as my grandma. They are honestly my favorite. It may sound weird to use whole wheat but I think that's what helps them not be fluffy.

    1. Here's a link to the cookbook: