Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cow tipping ya'll

Well I've made it to Ohio. Before I left the airport I saw two signs similar to this:

I was thrilled to be back in the Midwest but cow tipping brings Midwest to a whole new level. Guess I'm not in Kansas anymore...although I'm much closer to it!

Before I left I managed to update my budget. Although I threw it out the window for the past few days or even a week. I assumed it would be awful but surprisingly I broke even. I've paid my August loans, put money in savings and now I'm working on the company dime this week so I will be just fine.

We had an employee meeting at the restaurant last night and fortunately all this travel has not cost me my job. I told my boss I will be back at the end of this week and can I please get back on the schedule. He said "yes" so I'm excited to get back to work. Mostly I'm excited to get my second paycheck again. However, as a reward for showing up to the meeting we received a lottery ticket so maybe I won't need a paycheck after all...a girl can dream, can't she?

Well I'm off to go explore the hotel fitness room...I can't run a half marathon in March if I don't get back on track. There's not much to do in Ohio, especially without a car, but I'm perfectly content with a full night of cable TV in my king size bed, quite a contrast from my big city apartment.

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