Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No spend challenge Day 2

Technically it's only been a half day of the challenge but close enough. So far so good. I made spaghetti after my workout last night so I was already sweaty and the heat wasn't so awful. The best part about making the spaghetti was that I actually remembered to grab it when I left for work today. I also brought a box of Fruit Loops I haven't opened yet and coffee creamer.

It's really hot outside. Like for reals. Sweat is dripping from people's faces when they are on the subway (how gross is it to be crammed up next to these people during the ride? oh trust me, it's a new level of gross.). So the idea of drinking hot coffee this morning sounded awful...still does. The whole ride to work I thought, "one little small iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts won't hurt." But I stayed on the other side of the street while walking to work so I wouldn't be tempted and here I am, sans coffee. I really really wish my work had iced coffee. I'm going to eat my cereal and see if I've cooled down enough to have regular coffee. Some sort of caffeine is definitely needed after staying up way too late chatting with my girlfriend L, especially with a monster inbox still to tackle from being in Ohio. Totally worth it because she's hilarious.

Better go eat since I have a meeting in 30 min!

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  1. If you make it one week passing DD and don't stop I will mail you a DD giftcard--deal?! :)