Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I caved

I bought milk. It just made so much sense. Cereal, (unless  you're X), my pancake mix, mac & cheese, and pasta roni all require milk and that's nearly everything I have in my cabinets to make a normal meal. Last night I stole some of my roommates milk (shhh...she doesn't know) to make mac & cheese but I can't keep doing that to her. Lucky for me, the local grocery store sells smaller cartons of milk because even a half gallon is usually too much for me. So I only spent $1.29, I'm not too mad about it.

Earlier I mentioned I would make eggs and broccoli tonight...gross. Why didn't anyone try to stop me? After the gym (running and a super hard abs class) that meal sounds awful. Purely awful. So I'm going to have breakfast for dinner with eggs and pancakes...much better! I wish I had some OJ and sausage but it will do for a week of no spending (mostly). Maybe I'll have a random serving of broccoli or asparagus for a midnight snack since I'm sure they will go bad long is too long to have asparagus in your fridge?

The challenge will still continue and I'm happy with how I'm doing. I realized that even when I get paid on Friday things are still going to be very tight so I'm curious to see how long I can keep this up.

My parents July check (bday present) arrived in the mail this week. If work wasn't so busy and my bank hours were better, it would have been cashed by now. It will all go towards loans since I havent been getting a second paycheck for a while now. One week was no problem, two weeks was still alright, three weeks was tight and now I'm on an indefinite no spend challenge. I really can't wait to work Saturday and Sunday. I'm hoping they need me to work Sunday night too, like they sometimes do.

I'm off to enjoy another night of no spending by laying out in the grass with a good book and of course making breakfast for dinner.


  1. A half gallon is too much milk for me too, it's such a waste of money but you need it! :/

  2. My grocery store sells cartons that might be 1/4 a gallon, which is the perfect size and cheaper! I wish they had that everywhere, but it's probably since New Yorkers don't have room from much of anything!