Thursday, July 14, 2011

Minty Fresh

Well I've decided to try Here's the video to explain how it works:
I'm sick of logging in to all six accounts almost every day to keep track of every dime I have. I'm sick of spreadsheets that almost never add up (although I will likely still use the one I have since Mint doesn't seem to give me everything I need so). Most of all, I need free advice on how to manage my money because I feel like there are so many options I can put money towards and there is never enough coming in to satisfy all of those options. I get overwhelmed when I try to focus on too many goals at once.

While I was making an account and loading all of my financial information into their site, I looked like this
I know, I know, my hotel room has some pretty sweet decorations.
It was scary giving them all of my financial information because ummm what if they steal all my money? It's not like I have much to give anyone but I can't really spare to be ripped off right now (or ever). I have done a lot of research on reviews for this site and it seems legit and so far fairly informative about where I stand financially. Although when I saw that I probably won't have my credit card debt paid off completely until June of 2012 I looked like this
Apparently has met Dave Ramsey because once one card is paid off they transfer that payment to the other card. It will still take almost 2 years. Crap. Crap. Crap. However, when I make more a the restaurant, more money goes to this debt so maybe I can bump it up to at least a month or two.

They also let me create goals of things I'm saving for, such as my Dallas trip for the 1/2 marathon and my best friend's wedding next fall. It tells me how much I will need to set aside each month in order to afford each trip. Ouch x 2.

I do like that this is an online service because conveniently there is an app for that. They will alert me when financial goals have been met or there are issues with my spending habits. I can also access my financial info on my phone where ever I am instead of only on my computer where my spreadsheet is. 

The only thing I don't like about this site is that I can't allocate funds like I do with my spreadsheet. It only keeps track of money in and money out and gives me a big lump sum of what is left. This is why I have to keep my spreadsheet because that lump sum needs to be broken down into my monthly expenses so I know how much I really have to spend.

According to, I spend way more than I earn. Surprise Surprise. It's helpful to have it spelled out for me and then have it tell me where to cut back. I'm very thankful that when I get back from Ohio I have enough food in my cabinets so I can make my meals for the week without having to spend more money. I'm also thankful that I will be picking up more shifts at the restaurant so I can make more progress on my financial standing. Money is stressful but I will keep on working at it!

Coincidentally, TrueLife:I Can't Afford My Lifestyle is on while I type. It helps to know I'm not the only one...although with America's debt constantly on cable news, it's hard to forget I'm not the only one.

On a separate but awesome note, I tracked down a Buffalo Wild Wings and I'm currently enjoying some Honey BBQ boneless wings for free. Business trips aren't bad!

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