Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh hey there!

So apparently when you leave the office for an extra day after a long weekend and the other assistant quits, work really piles up! It has really been cramping my blogging style so sorry about that! Work has been busy and when I'm finished I typically turn into a ball of lazy. I haven't worked out in weeks and laundry is high on my to-do list. There's a little thing known as my budget that I haven't looked at in far too long and I have not had a single shift at the restaurant. Lucky for me (and maybe you!), I have a work trip alone to Ohio starting tomorrow and I am sure to have lots of downtime perfect for blogging!

Here are a few bullets of what's been going on:
  • I spent too much in South Carolina. When things are so much cheaper than in NY, I go spend crazy...not ideal but it was ok. 
  • I bought a cute dress at Ross in SC. I wore it to work when I got back and it split down the butt while at lunch...good thing I had a sweater and a belt to tie around my waist so I managed to only look like a tool instead of a naked tool. 
  • I joined a book club to meet fellow New Yorkers. The first book is Infinite Jest, which turns out is 1,076 pages. That was not a bright idea. I will have to join them on their second pick instead I think. 
  • I have received a lot of great books for my birthday and I'm loving it. I'm a slow reader so I will have days upon days of entertainment with all these new books. If you use, add me as a friend: Specialk32  It's a great way to keep track of books you've read or are wanting to read. 
  • I relaxed at my Aunt and Uncle's house this weekend with M. It was wonderful to sit a the pool, enjoy a delicious birthday dinner, and bask in the peace and quiet. The city is constantly loud, crowded and dirty so get always are always welcome.
  • As I mentioned I haven't been working at the restaurant. I was gone for 4th of July and they hadn't scheduled me for 2 weeks. Now I'm gone to Ohio this week so once again, not scheduled. Fortunately I was smart and put my last two paychecks towards loans so those are taken care of for August. Summer months are slow in NYC because everyone is away at the Hamptons (don't we wish!) and for whatever reason we just hired 3 new girls so we are short on shifts. I'm hoping once I get back and football season starts, things will get a lot busier again. I sure hope so because I'm counting on some extra money for the new apartment...I am not a fan of sleeping on floors when I pay so much for a bedroom. There's a staff meeting tonight so if there's anything juicy I'll let you know. 
  • I need a new phone. Yes, I got a new one in April and it already sucks big time. No, I have not dropped it or got water or sand on/in it. It randomly shuts off or randomly freezes to the point of me having to take the battery out and restart it at least 5 times a day. This happens anytime, which is not ideal when your phone is your alarm clock for work. I don't believe I have insurance and I know Verizon is going to charge me an arm and a leg for something different. What I really want is an iPhone but I know that won't happen. I'm stopping there after work today so we'll see what the damage is. 
Anyway, once I update my spreadsheet and catch up on work I'll be right back to blogging. I'm sure Ohio will have all sorts of great stories...or not. Anyone know of anything to do or see in Columbus? Any great eats? I have a solid 5 days there with nothing but a few shifts at a book conference to do!

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