Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plane Etiquette

There really should be a list of required ways to behave when flying. As much as I wish the human race had common sense and can functionally normally, they continue to baffle me! If you want to be quirky and weird and inconvenient to others on a regular basis, fine. But you should alter your behavior when you're forced to sit on in close quarters with a large group of people for hours on end with no way out. It's just common courtesy.

If I were in charge of all airlines, I would provide this list of mandatory rules:

1. Don't recline your seat. There is no need for a teeny tiny recline when you're really just invading the already limited space of the person behind you. Rude. If you must recline, don't constantly move around and have the seat bouncing all around because it's equally annoying for the person behind you and you will probably spill their drink. Double rude.

2. When in the boarding area for your flight, be patient. You will get on the plane eventually, no need to crowd the line and push your way to the front. It is not first come, first serve so chill out.

3. When you are waiting for take off or when you've just landed and you're allowed to use your cell phone, text. It's just more polite to keep the plane relatively quiet. If you must talk on the phone, which I really don't mind too much, use your inside voice. I don't want to hear about your whole explanation the flight and what your exact plans are for once you get off the plane. And for God sakes, do NOT use your speaker phone. There is no need for the whole plane to hear your conversation.

4. When  you are boarding the plane, sit in your assigned seat. It's not that hard really. Usually you can pick the seat you want when you book the flight so it shouldn't be a huge shock when you board. Please do not sit in some random seat and then get all confused and argumentative when someone comes along claiming that is their assigned seat. It's not that hard. Everything is labeled by row and seat letter so please just avoid confusion and a bunch of hold up among others that are trying to board the plane. If you want to sit next to your beloved because you can't live without them for a few hours, fine. Take your assigned seat and then once people are settled, ask politely to switch with someone. But wait until everyone has figured out where they need to be etc.

5. If someone is wearing headphones or sleeping next to you, it is not a good time to strike up a conversation. I understand it can be fascinating meeting new people and hearing their stories, but sometimes planes are great for getting away from life for a little bit. You're forced to turn off your cell phone and I always like to enjoy that time as quiet "me" time. Respect that.

6. When your plane lands and you're towards the back of the plane and especially sitting in a window seat, just stay seated. You will not be the first one off the plane so there is no point in being impatient. The ceilings are too low for you to stand up straight so you end up hunched over the person in the seat next to you and it makes things feel crowded and rushed. Make sure all your stuff is packed and then just relax.

7. If someone is annoying on your plane, relax. You do not need to complain under your breath or make obviously annoyed noises. It will only make you equally annoying. Just turn on your iPod and ignore them.

There are probably many more but those are my biggest take aways from this past weekends traveling experience. Fortunately, the planes landed everywhere on time and very safely. Other than the odd ball people I traveled on planes with, the trip was absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to get back.

Many more updates, financial and non, to come tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great 4th weekend!

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