Sunday, July 17, 2011

I lied

Having a life really sucks the money right out of you. I caught an earlier flight back from Ohio and went out with my girlfriends last night. Unfortunately between drinks, late night food and brunch this morning, I completely bailed on the idea that I wouldn't have to spend money this week. I found my Sex and the City crew and had a wonderful time with them so I'm not too mad at myself. It makes being in New York much more bearable with them by my side.

I also met up with two friends, one from Sweeden and one from far away NJ, for dinner tonight so there goes more money. Ooops. I can't swallow the idea of bailing on plans because I'm broke. Especially when you can't help that your friend from Sweeden is here and you haven't seen her in years. It sucks.

I'm supposed to go make spaghetti for my lunches this week. The idea of that sounds awful because it is hot and humid and our kitchen does not have air conditioning. The idea of cooking meat sauce and pasta over the stove to make our kitchen even hotter sounds like pure torture. Instead I will watch a movie in my air conditioned room and hope it cools down later tonight. Dilemmas dilemmas.

This just in...I only work Saturday and Sunday brunch shifts this week. I wish it was more but I'm happy to at least be working some! Bring on the loan payments and extra money!

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