Thursday, September 16, 2010

TA DA!!! has launched!!

Do ya'll remember that minor detail about how I was moving down to Charlotte for a job with a startup website? Remember how it was top secret until we launched and I couldn't tell a soul exactly what it is I would be doing half way across the country?

Well now everyone gets to know!! After some blood, sweat and tears we're PROUD to introduce to you! It's the new way to communicate in a way unlike anything else. You can write notes to anyone you want and tell them what you think. All notes are anonymous so you can share your thoughts without risking your job or relationships with others-the only catch is that notes are moderated to make sure the site remains civil.

Go check out today and start telling people what you think! Be sure to look for and add yourself so people can write to you too! You can write me a note about what you think of my blog here!

Tell everyone you know!

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