Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slowly but surely

It's that time again...payday! One day hopefully before I'm old and gray I won't be living paycheck to paycheck but until then I will be fine (for the most part). For the first time in a while I had a paycheck that included all 80 possible hours so I had plenty to cover my expenses and it's a great feeling! I even had enough to put $129 towards my credit card bill. It's shrinking slowly but surely, which is also a great feeling. I still need to get my money out of my Minnesota bank account (apparently I'm that lazy!) and I'm crossing my fingers that my security deposit from my Minnesota house will come my way before this bill is due. If all that falls into place, I won't have a bill anymore and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I could start putting money towards my student loans. I feel like it's a crazy concept at this point that I should have been saving all that money but I suppose I'll start doing that soon. I mean the due date isn't rapidly approaching or anything, right?

My utility bill was $20 less than last month. $10 of that is from the activation fee that I had to pay on the first bill but I didn't think it was possible to use my utilities less! I skimped as much as possible that first month, unplugging every electronic, keeping the AC off most of the time, and I've never been one to take really long showers (at least since I've moved here). Maybe it's from a lot of nights I've spent away from my place at friends' houses but hey, I can't complain! If I keep this up, I'll be in excellent shape as far as that category goes.

This is all probably a good thing considering last week was rough. Football season has become expensive for me. Between spending $45 at a bar for the Vikings game (I still don't know what I bought but definitely fun!) and then $40 for a Gamecocks ticket on Saturday (also totally worth it. I'm pretty sure my Minnesota touch is the reason they're 2-0 and ranked 13th in the nation...just a thought ;) ) and missing a shift at Express to go to the game...oops. They were overstaffed anyway so it worked out well for everyone except my bank account. I probably wouldn't have even made $40 for my whole shift. Sometimes it's so hard justifying working there for barely anything. Anyways, moving on. sounds really exciting lately huh? I've definitely been busy around here but this blog hardly reflects most of that since it has nothing to do with money. Let's just say the boys I babysit have proven to be better company than boys I've dated lately...and that's even after the two-year-old peed on me. Gotta love it.

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  1. You spent $45 at the bar?! How???? I totally missed that!! And yes, I am one to give credit, where credit is I vote that you are a bit of a good luck charm to the Gamecocks--Maybe if I spread the word, we can get other fans to chip in and create you a "Gamecock Fund"...anything for a W-I-N....right?! :)