Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My new home!

Well you know how I've been looking into housing options now that my lease will be up soon? Well, I've decided to the poor house! I'll be sure to have a house warming party with plenty of ramen and tap water though, don't worry! Everyone is invited!

I'm actually probably staying in my apartment for another six month lease but we might as well refer to it as the poor house because that's what it will be. I am still eagerly looking for a better paying part-time job but until then, yikes.

You might be wondering, why am I all the sudden freaking out and hauling ass to the poor house? Well, you see, I happen to have people very near and dear to my heart all over this lovely nation. This requires airfare. Fortunately (or unfortunately with my finances), I found a website that compares six different flight search engines AND sends me e-mails notifying me of cheap flights to destinations I normally go. Well yesterday was a doozy for cheap flights to all of my favorite people and I couldn't pass it up. I snagged a last-minute flight to NYC this weekend (I already had the weekend off from Express so what better thing to do with my weekend?!) where I will see 4 different groups of my people I love! Later in the day, I was also informed of really inexpensive airfare to Minneapolis! HOME!! I've been hoping to get back to that area sometime during the holidays but flights were over $500 and I can't spend a month's rent on a few days home :( So I jumped on two different opportunities to head home both for less than the price of one holiday ticket! One is for a quick  Christmas trip and the other is a surprise! I'm just going to show up when you least expect it and knock your socks off! Get ready Minnesota! I couldn't be more excited and I think it's entirely worth eating Ramen for a solid year.

That being said, I'm going to strategically plan meals for the food I have left and from today on out I'm going to really buckle down and live minimally. I won't be wasteful and I will put in extra effort to make meals that will last me a while. I will also give in to working as much as I can at Express until I find a new job. I have a meeting with the editor of the local paper next week so that might help me get some freelance opportunities. I doubt it would be a position that pays enough to cover a second job but it'd be a job I have a lot of experience with and really enjoy doing. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Also, while I was on the phone discussing flights with my mom last night, she told me she shipped me a lot of my things from home! 5 whole boxes! It's all stuff I didn't critically need right away but with fall around the corner (I's still pretty warm here!) I'll need a few warmer outfits among other things. Since I clearly won't be shopping for a very very very long time, it will feel like Christmas and I am so excited to be reunited with my stuff!

Last but not least I missed a day with that daily post deal so here's day six.
Day Six: Five people (I'm changing this to groups of people) who mean a lot to you.
1. My parents
2. Sissy
3. The BFF
4. My Musketeers!
5. My uncle

Clearly I have plenty more people that should be on this list but that's the most I could squeeze in. Don't get jealous. 

Here's day seven: four turn-offs
1. Lying
2. Guys that are too interested or too available (I know that seems weird but I don't like being smothered or feeling guilty that I clearly am not as interested) Get a life.
3. People that don't try on purpose
4. Being rude without apology


  1. One of your flights should have been to Utah :/very disappointed lol

  2. Ooo good luck with the freelancing :)