Friday, September 17, 2010

A great escape!

What a week it's been! I've had a crazy babysitting adventure, finally cooked a DELICIOUS meal, our website launched late Wednesday night (YAY!!!! visit today!), last night I celebrated our website launching and between all of that my social life has been a whirlwind of believe-it-or-not stories. It's time to get out of this town and make the great escape.

Today after work I'm heading out of town with two lovely ladies and I couldn't be more excited! I'm not exactly sure where we're going, I'm just hopping in the car and going along for the ride! There was mention of steak so clearly that's all I need to know. We have a free place to stay tonight and then we'll be making an appearance at the Gamecocks game tomorrow (It would be immoral to not go...duh...I'm their good luck of the South Carolina senators told me so last night so it must be legit). Thanks to F's connections, I think we'll get away with a pretty inexpensive trip so I would be crazy to turn it down.

Speaking of crazy, here's an example of what I'm looking to get away from:
Last night I'm out at a bar, minding my own business, waiting to pay my tab ($12...not $45 this time-and it was mostly an order of my favorite mozzarella sticks...not that you're worried about it) and I get tapped on the shoulder. I turn to find this guy clad in a pink button up trying to tell me, "that's a lovely dress you're wearing!" Well sir, thanks for the attempted compliment but I'm wearing jeans and a shirt...if that's a pick up line, then I wish him all the luck in the world. That's just one of the many examples from this week alone of why a girl's weekend is the most appealing thing I can think of right about now.

Remember when I started this post and told you I made a delicious meal this week? It's true! It's chicken breasts breaded in a mixture of a packet of ranch dressing, crushed Ritz crackers and parmesan cheese and baked in the oven. I made three pieces so I've had three meals out of it and I'm so excited to have a new recipe to add to my book :) For the most part, I've done better at eating my own food this week and my budget is slowly getting to a better place.

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I sure will!

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