Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day Two

With my paycheck from Express coming on Friday, an extra $25 from my gas gift card and $30 from babysitting last night, I just made a $169 payment to my credit card bill. Yay. Slowly but surely, right? I really am trying, no matter how difficult it is to be strict.

I also have a slight problem I've discovered. I ate dinner with the kids I babysat. When I left I went to a friend's house to watch Glee and ate a second dinner with them! Why did I shell out another $6 for a meal I didn't need? I wasn't even hungry! I need to work on that because that's money I could spend elsewhere! I still have allowance left but I have a whole week to keep it in tact and I'm assuming it won't be easy. Ugh. Too overwhelmed. I really do need to find a new second job that would help income better. Still taking suggestions!

Day Two of this blogging project: 9 Things Most People Don't Know About Me
1. I'm allergic to trees. I can't have a real christmas tree, I can't jump into a pile of leaves in the fall and I will never be a tree hugger. People tend to freak out when they hear this but really, I'm not missing out on much in life. It messes up my allergies and asthma every spring and fall but otherwise it doesn't affect me too much.

2. I have a cup of coffee every morning even though I mostly hate the taste. I refuse to give up a busy lifestyle so I make that sacrifice. And I like the idea of being a coffee drinker. Strange but true.

3. I'm a very slow reader even though I love to read. In this instance practice does not make me better. I was recently informed that I'm probably a slow reader because I'm a natural editor. Just because I'm a slow reader will never cause me to stop reading though. Now that I've graduated I read for a little bit nearly every day.

4. I don't know if I want kids. Growing up I selfishly refused the idea of ever being a mom. I came around to the idea for a bit during college and now that I'm on my own again, I am back to debating it. I love kids and I'm a great babysitter. I wish I had a lot of siblings who had lots of kids because I'd make a great aunt and godmother but I'm not sure if I'll ever be fully cut out to be a mother. Who knows how my mind will change over time but that's where I'm at for now and it always surprises people. I think I would need a much more demanding job or big life project (similar to Oprah) to keep me busy and to justify not having kids though. We'll see. Anything is possible.

5. I wish I were a runner. I love the idea of running, letting it clear my mind and being great for my body. When it comes down to it though, it bores me! Plus I am terribly out of shape have asthma, which has always been my excuse.

6. I found a church I really like. Most people don't know this because it just happened two weeks ago but people are also surprised to hear this because I spent years and years uninterested in church/religion.

7. I write better than I talk. Most people don't know this because I talk to people more than I write (although it's a tough call since I e-mail, blog, text etc. a big chunk of the time too). My thoughts flow much more fluidly with a pen or keyboard at hand. When I talk, words come out wrong, my ideas aren't conveyed accurately or concisely and I always feel like a big moron most of the time. I'm not saying I'm a great writer, I just wish I could write everything instead of talk some days.

8. I love to go new places but I'm terrible at meeting new people on my own. I'm shy. People are surprised when I make friends in my new surroundings and it usually looks like I'm very social but it takes a lot of effort for me. I like it much better when other people approach me and make it easy to instantly feel comfortable. If that's not the case, I'm usually much more content hanging out by myself.

9. I'm naturally messy. A lot of people close to me know this but definitely not a result of my blog so now it's out there for everyone to know. Growing up my room was never clean and I've never grown out of that. I've gotten a tiny bit better now that I'm not swamped with work + school but most people would still consider me a mess. However, I'm a natural cleaner when I'm stressed. I find total relaxation in cleaning so it tends to balance itself out. Tonight, I plan on doing lots of cleaning (not just tidying and putting away clothes but scrubbing counters etc. too). It's been a crappy/stressful day and I'm going to take it out on my apartment and my car.

That was actually harder to write than I thought. It's easy to spill my guts about my finances but when I think of things I don't typically reveal to people, I found myself at a loss. Now you know :) Get ready for tomorrow's eight things I can't live without!

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  1. I agree with number eight, which is weird considering we're both journalists and talking to people should come naturally to us, but it's like putting on a front -- I act confidently when I interview people but when I get home I let out a big exhale of relief.