Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday...Day Five

Good Morning! I had a very inexpensive weekend and actually got a lot of sleep. Express screwed me over on Saturday so I didn't end up working this weekend. I drove ALL THE WAY THERE (30 min drive minimum) and the new manager tries to tell me I was supposed to be there an hour earlier (umm..nope, check the schedule lady!) and that she had called and left me a voicemail saying I didn't need to come in but wondering if I could work that night instead. Well, I never got a voicemail and my phone never rang. She didn't even know my name when looking at the schedule so maybe she called the wrong person. Regardless, I wasn't going to spend 2 hours of my day driving back and forth for a 4.5 hour shift, where I'd make $28 after taxes. No thank you. It's hard enough justifying working there but when they pull things like this I just want to up and leave pronto.

I definitely have some financial stress to get off my chest though and I need your help. So when I do the math, there is no possible way for me to cover my expenses with the current jobs and the current hours I have now. Not even close. Not even if I ate Ramen for the next 6 months straight. I am on the hunt to figure out what makes the most sense. I know I'm going to quit Express because it's just too hard to justify near minimum wage and working that many hours.  It doesn't bring me even close to the monthly income I would need to cover my student loans so it's just not an option anymore. I need to be spending my time where it actually counts.

Here are my options:
1-Keep my full-time job and find a better part-time job. Bar-tending maybe, or a waitress? I've always wanted to waitress but I don't have any experience and I'd have to go to bar-tending school before I could bar-tend. Hmmm...worth looking into.
2-Turn my full-time job into a part-time job and find a different full-time job with an actual salary and benefits. I really do like where I work but sometimes it's hard to justify a full 40 hours of work in a week and an internship salary definitely won't pay all the bills. Not sure if this is even an option with the boss but worth looking into.
3-Find a much cheaper place to live so my income MIGHT be able to stretch enough to cover everything. Not sure what my options are here considering not a lot of people need roommates in January but we'll see.
4-Quit everything, pack up and head back home. The thought has crossed my mind but I really love it here and I don't want to feel like I'm giving up. I'd still need a job back home of course since these student loans wont pay for themselves but I could live in my parents basement and save a few expenses maybe.

Tonight I'll be sitting down with my updated resume, my job hunting hat, some wings and Monday Night Football and I will figure out my options. Wish me luck! Any advice or input is greatly appreciated. Or if any of you lovely readers wants to start a "Help Katie stay in the Carolinas" fund, I think it could really catch on ;)

Anyway, I took a break over the weekend from this 10 Days thing. I had plenty of time but I'm just not a big weekend blogger.
Day Five: Six things you wish you could change or you wish you’d never done.
1. I wish I could change my financial situation (obviously!) I'm working on it!
2. I wish I was a faster reader. No matter how much I read, I'm just slow because I like to really comprehend it all I guess.
3. I wish I never would have ended a few friendships in my past. 
4. I wish I would have made more friends in college-totally my fault and probably a result of transferring as a sophomore and having a boyfriend the whole time, neither of which I regret so it was my doing but I wish I would have balanced it better to have both. 
5. I wish I was more up to date with current events. I try to change this but it's hard to keep up.
6. I wish I could change my natural hair color to be the highlighted blonde I dye it. It would save me lots of money and I would never have to be brunette again. 

Don't forget, give me any advice possible on this turning point I'm facing please!

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  1. Well I wouldn't recommend moving back to Minn. per-say because finding a job is just as hard here, though living with the folks has its advantages. I mean it'd be great to have you back but you should only move back if you want to, not because you feel like you need to.
    Also, I totally agree with #4 on the wish-list, I too held myself back on making more friends because I had a boyfriend. But we learn from it and it's never too late to make friends :)