Friday, September 3, 2010

I've converted!

I've never been one to get too into college football but I can officially say I'm a South Carolina Gamecocks fan! Great weather, great game, fun people to meet, awesome stadium and fireworks celebrate each touchdown! It was definitely worth the longer work hours earlier in the week so I could make time to go! I'm definitely hoping to catch a few more games this fall!

I'm not surprised I had a great time but I am surprised I managed to spend $6 the entire evening! I bought a few drinks for the car ride down for me and F and that was it! Some guy paid for our parking, F's friend gave me a ticket and bought me a drink inside the game, and I munched on random tailgating food from different places before hand so I was set! I can't even believe I managed to get that lucky!

So my allowance is still very much in tact ($93) and I should be just fine for the next two weeks. I know I always say that and I'm always wrong but I'm making a vow to make it happen. My next credit card bill is really high (i know, i know...) and every extra dime will go to getting that paid off. I found an extra $50 in my account today so that already went to a payment. I'm determined to get this whole money thing figured out, under control and actually in decent position. I'm grocery shopping tonight so hopefully I can find some good deals and make some great meals (rhyme not intended!) so I can save money on fast food. My body would appreciate that probably more than my wallet at this point (hello elliptical this weekend!).

Have a great labor day weekend everyone!

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