Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Giving my blog a reason for it's title

I really am clueless when it comes to cash. Although I've been working at being smarter with money for 9 months now (wow, it really has been that long!) I feel like I have been sliding backwards lately and it's not a comforting feeling. I know what I have to do and what I should be doing but it never turns out that that's what happens. My credit card is still in my wallet and it really is evil. Today, when I get home, it's going far far away and I hope I don't see it for a long long time. My credit card bill is beyond high ($828!!) from stupid stupid purchases (mostly) and it needs to stop. Apparently I was wrong in my recent post when I said my last balance was all paid off because I still got charged $3.40 in interest. What? How? See? Clueless.

Well I'm springing into action. I've put my social life first in a lot of situations lately and that's coming to an end. I will work more and what free time I have left will be for play. Hopefully I can babysit some more too(not sure but hopefully!). I should also have a security deposit from my old college house coming my way soon, which would make a huge dent in my bill.

My allowance is down to a little over $20 for the next week. Yup, somehow I spent that much money this weekend on going out to eat. As a result, I finally grocery shopped and spent more than I budgeted for. I did stock up well though and I did cook noodles and meat sauce for my lunches at work. I have cereal and bagels for breakfast at work too. If I plan this correctly, I can do it. I have no idea what the next week has in store socially but I'm going to try to avoid going out to eat/drinks because that's the worst of my spending habits.

I'll end on a happy note :)
One perk of using my credit card is that I get reward points for each dollar I spend. I've racked up enough points to get a $25 gas gift card. Hardly worth all that spending I did to get a measly $25 but hey, it will help. That's $25 I won't need to put into my gas fund so instead I can make a credit card payment. Vicious cycle but I'll take what I can get.

Any good hiding ideas for my credit card?!


  1. Spend cash and use your check card instead. It disciplines you to remember how much you are spending rather than thinking you'll pay it later, you are forced to do math in your head and realize how much you are spending now.

  2. When my friends and I were going out all the time back in the day, we would just bring our own alcohol. Get a flask (ooh I think I know what I need to get you for christmas ;) ) and fill it up with your favorite alcohol. For example: my friends and I would go to the bar and I would take a flask of rum with me. I would order a diet coke (much cheaper than an alcoholic drink!!!) and when no one that worked there was looking, i'd pour half of my flask into the coke. Hee hee. Then, the rest of the flask is good for running to the bathroom for a quick shot out of it. SO much cheaper this way than buying drinks while you're out =)

  3. I like the way Jessie thinks!! When is Jessie coming to visit?!!! :) Katie - let's go PURCHASE monogrammed flasks!!!!!!!! ;)

  4. Good idea both of you! Time to go shopping ;) Faith, I keep telling Jessie to come visit and I'm hoping it's sometime late this fall or winter! Cross your fingers! She's a ton of fun!