Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The day I almost shanked a hair dresser

Once again, this is not a What I'm Reading Wednesday. Just to clarify, it may not be every Wednesday but if I talk about books, it will be on that day of the week. I'm too slow and irregular of a reader and I feel bad continually posting about how I have failed to read a book in a week. But it will be a semi-regular thing so look forward to it next week, or not. 

This post is long overdue but I think I've finally calmed down and maybe even recovered from the traumatic experience.

I get my hair done every 6 months. Yes, you read that correctly. Most women do it every 6 weeks. The 6 month mark rolled around this month but as always, money is tight. I almost waited even longer but MG is wonderful and completely encouraged the splurge.

So I made an appointment for the night before I left for a 2 week work trip since it was the only night I wasn't babysitting. I went to the salon I went to in April, where it was affordable and I had good results.

The appointment started an hour late. Seeing as I was leaving for 2 weeks, I was crunched for time as it was. I made the appointment asking for simple highlights but after a consultation, the hair lady, Julie, told me I'd be better off with an all over color since my hair is naturally dimensional (I think that was the word she used but basically I have many tones of blonde in my hair naturally). She said it's cheaper, faster and easier to maintain. Well, why not?

It was a disaster. Julie took the "golden blonde" hair dye and decided that since my roots were pretty grown out that she would emphasize those. After dying only my roots, she left the building. Literally left for 30 min. My scalp was burning and I was increasingly worried that the easy way out was the wrong choice. When Julie finally returned she tried to blend the dye into the rest of my hair. By the time she washed this color out of my hair, my roots were orange and my scalp was fried. Ow! How horrifying.

Imagine my roots this color:
This is not me...just a more accurate picture of the color.

and the rest of my hair looked normal, like this:
Happy, normal looking me.

Pale skin, darker eye brows and bright blonde roots is not exactly the natural look I was going for.

Since it was already 8pm and I had yet to pack, I had to find alternative looks for my hair so I could appear somewhat professional at work the next day. I like to call this first look the Aretha Franklin:
 This next look is a little too 70's for me. It definitely wasn't going to fly at work.

I ended up wearing a very thick headband and praying no one wanted to be social. Fortunately I have a few friends that work with hair and they all recommended Blue Malva Shampoo.
After a few treatments, it worked! It's not perfect but I'm not embarrassed to go in public and I didn't have to spend over $100 to get it re-done, at least right away. I will have to get it done earlier than March because it took quite a toll on how my roots blend in but it's manageable for now.

I'm not sure what the moral of the story is here. Maybe that cheaper, faster and easier doesn't mean it's better? Ultimately, I have to find a better solution for getting my hair done. I wish I looked better as a brunette but let me tell you, I've had some pretty negative feedback! I've tried to do blonde out of a box but if a salon can't even do all-over color then it's bound to be ugly. The search continues until I can regularly afford blonde highlights.

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