Thursday, November 10, 2011

The coffee dilema

Every week I buy coffee creamer for $2ish dollars and keep it at work. Every morning I get to work and enjoy a cup of coffee from work's coffee maker. I have nearly cut out Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts and the best part is I can always afford a second cup on those days where it's just necessary. Although I do want to drink from the red holiday cups sometime soon.They're just too cute.

This morning I needed coffee. NEEDED. The subway took an hour to get to work because of not one but two different cases of sick passengers that required both the local and express trains to be stopped temporarily. When the trains finally started running we were packed like sardines...or pickles. Watch this movie for a good laugh. The pickle joke doesn't start until 6:30 but I think the whole clip is still pretty funny.

Anyway, I was so happy to be off the train and at work and all I wanted to was to prepare my morning coffee. I went to the break room and discovered I would have to make a new pot. Ok, no problem. I waited a few minutes and finally poured myself a cup of joe, added a little cream and a little Sweet & Low. I brought it back to my desk to sip and to keep my hands warm while I went through e-mails. I took the first sip and BLAH!! It is potentially the worst coffee I've ever tasted. There's almost a sour taste to it. Definitely not ok. I'm not sure if it's the coffee or some bad creamer but I just opened the bottle of creamer this morning so I can't imagine it's expired already.

I have $1.23 left to spend before I get paid again tomorrow so Starbucks is not an option. I don't even think the 7-11 has a small coffee for that cheap. What should I do?!

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